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Welcome To Steel City Sport Divers Club
 an ACUC International, training organization

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Turn on to diving; SCUBA diving is an exciting underwater adventure.

Thousands of people are discovering the sheer enjoyment that the underwater world has to offer. For many people, the fascination and freedom of weightless diving may be the key to a rewarding new lifestyle.

Learning to dive is fun ...... See for yourself! (Cable 14 Video on YouTube)

Let us introduce you to the SAFE, intelligent way of diving. The ACUC International approach to diver training is both fun and safety oriented. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of learning to dive safely.

ACUC International promotes SAFE, enjoyable and creative scuba instruction. Personal attention to your instructional needs is assured by joining an ACUC International SCUBA course. A key feature of ACUC diving education is an open exchange of ideas between you and your instructor. The outstanding safety record of the ACUC International organization is a visible measure of the soundness of this policy.

Because SCUBA diving is an equipment intensive activity, your instructor will help develop safe equipment handling skills and advise you on the types of SCUBA gear that best meet your personal requirements. The ACUC International scuba diver program is one of the finest in the world.

Getting started is easy.

SCUBA diving is an exhilarating leisure activity and an excellent way to enhance your vacations. Once you decide to join in the fun, it's very easy to get started.

After meeting a few simple requirements, you can begin an exciting journey with us to the enchanted world beneath the sea. Your ACUC instructor will guide you on this new adventure and help you TURN ON TO DIVING, the SAFE, INTELLIGENT WAY.

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